How Useful is Qigong for Seniors?

How Useful is Qigong for Seniors?

Often, accelerated aging occurs due to a decrease in motor activity. For many people after 40 years of age, hypotonia of the muscles is observed due to a sedentary lifestyle and excessive weight. Spending a significant amount of time in static sitting postures, many people ignore the need for minimal physical activity to normalize the activity of the muscular system. However, scientific studies confirm the fact that even a half-hour daily walk can increase the average life expectancy. An active lifestyle helps not only to delay old age but also to avoid the numerous diseases associated with it, as well as to restore its health after those already suffered.

Qigong can help maintain its shape without heavy physical exertion and exhausting workouts. Mastering the whole complex of qigong exercises for the elderly will not be difficult. All classes are held at a smooth pace with mandatory control of breathing and the general condition of the body. During training, coordination of the flow of qi energy occurs, penetrating into all systems of the body and creating a balance of physical, spiritual and energy bodies. Exercises performed while sitting, standing or lying, help to restore psychological balance and help achieve relaxation.

Qigong can help elderly achieve the following results:

Relaxation and breath control;

Strengthening of the immune system;

Better mobility;

Increased muscle tone;

Strengthening of cardiovascular and respiratory systems;

Maintenance of the work of the musculoskeletal and vestibular apparatus;

Improving the functions of the central nervous system;

Stimulation of metabolic processes;

Improvement in an overall body tone;

Formation of a positive attitude.

Practicing qigong together with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, the elderly can achieve not only better health, but also improve their quality of life. Good health and good mood will be a pleasant result after the training.

Things to Note: In older people, collagen production is reduced, so increased stress on weakened muscles, ligaments and joints can lead to damage. That is why it is so important to find the right balance and do the exercises without undue effort. It is necessary to gradually increase the load. Since regular exercise helps to strengthen muscles, further training without taking into account adaptation will not help to achieve the desired health effect. Exercises should be comprehensive, working on all parts of the body.

It is necessary to follow the recommendations of an experienced practitioner of qigong who will help you do the exercises correctly and will control your breathing. Medigap for Older Folks: Medicare advantage plans at http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.orgcan help you pay for expenses for example co-pay which aren’t covered in Part A & B Medicare.