Exercises for Seniors to Strengthen the Veins in the Legs

Exercises for Seniors to Strengthen the Veins in the Legs

Prevention of varicose veins and strengthening of veins is a rather long process and affects all aspects of life, starting with diet and sports and ending with the intake of venotonic drugs and special procedures that the doctor will recommend. To stimulate blood circulation in the body and prevent blood stasis, motor activity (moderate and regular) is helpful. A sedentary, lazy lifestyle, the avoidance of any loads and a long presence in one position are destructive for all vessels. But swimming, energetic walking, walking and slow jogging for short distances, cycling, tennis, badminton, and gymnastics for the muscles of the legs, in contrast, help strengthen the veins and blood vessels in the legs. However, if varicose veins have already manifested, it is necessary to consult with your doctor about the types of physical exertion that are right for you.

There are many exercises that train the calf muscles, relieve swelling of the lower limbs and help strengthen the veins:

Ankle movements back and forth (first pull the socks toward you, then away from you);

Circular rotational movements of the feet in different directions alternately;

Getting up on your toes together by lifting your arms (standing on the floor, at the same time pulling up your arms and climbing your toes, keeping yourself at the top point for at least 10 seconds);

Lifting toes and subsequent lowering on heels, leaning against a wall in a standing position;

Walking on the heels and socks alternately (exercise should preferably be performed for at least 5 minutes);

Exercise from a sitting position: sit on a chair with a back at a right angle to the seat, lower the arms down, take turns to take off from the floor and put back the right and left heel, and then both at once;

Pull the toes of your legs together – first towards you, then away from you (the stronger the muscles of the legs tighten, the greater the effect the exercise gives);

“Bicycle”: imitation of foot movements, committed while riding a bicycle; it is performed from the supine position, the legs must be kept parallel to the floor, and the lower back must be pressed firmly against the floor and not lifted off;

Exercise lying on the stomach: legs bent at the knees, the tips of the toes stretched to the buttocks – then the right leg, then the left;

Exercise lying on your stomach against the wall: raise your legs as high as possible and keep them in this position for 10-15 minutes.

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