Drinks that Can Help Relieve Joint Pain in Elderly

Drinks that Can Help Relieve Joint Pain in Elderly

Everyone knows that water is the source of life. In fact, very few people realize that water can actually help minimize the risk of the joint diseases in the elderly. The mechanism is simple: due to the lack of water, the metabolism slows down, the blood circulation deteriorates, leading to a malfunctioning of the joints. The joint cavity suffers from a decrease in the amount of synovial fluid, which means that the movement of the joint occurs with great resistance, which destroys the cartilage tissue. Opinions about the amount of the daily intake of water are different. This is usually 1.5–2.5 liters, but weight, gender, physical activity, time of year, and humidity in a permanent place of residence should be taken into account.

Under the supervision of a doctor, you can consume alkaline drink. So, how does it help reduce joint diseases in the elderly? Alkaline water with a low proportion of mineralization, in a non-carbonated form tends to flush out accumulated acids (urinary and oxalic). These acids accumulate in the body and trigger the mechanism of inflammation of the joints. Lemonades, sparkling water, and packaged juices on the other hand will do more harm because of the huge sugar content, which means they will increase your weight.

Yoga for Joint Disorders:

Reading about the terrible consequences of joint diseases in the elderly, you begin to think about preventive measures. One of them is yoga. This type of exercise can strengthen your muscles, joints, and ligaments. However, be sure to consult about the best type of yoga exercise for your age and level of physical fitness. Do not try to persistently repeat complex asanas (poses), as you might only end up hurting your joints. A lot of attention in yoga is given to the feet as the most important shock absorbers when walking.

Yoga is a great way to deal with stress. The main feature of this exercise system is the absence of pain as you are free to choose any of the available yoga exercises as per your convenience. About Supplemental Healthcare Insurance for Senior Citizens: Commonly recognized as Medicare advantage plans, https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/ seniors can get coverage for out of pocket expenditures using any of the available supplemental policies.